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About Miss Dot

Miss Dot is a brand of luxury and unique wear created using natural and eco materials, mainly: natural silk, wool, bamboo and eco cotton. The silks and wools come from high class italian manufacturers. Cotton and bamboo come from polish manufacture that has Oeko-tex 100 certificate. Every Miss Dot design is created in Poland with regards to the highest work & ethics standards.

Miss Dot is a Fashion Studio created by Dorota Lassota (Banaszczyk) a Lodz's Beautiful Arts Academy cloth design graduate, having in mind women that value luxury and estethics that serve our health.

Recognition for original projects is confirmed by numerous publications in leading fashion magazines: ELLE, Twój Styl, Wysokie Obcasy, Fluid, Moda Forum oraz nagrody dla kolekcji od czy Hexeline. The designer created a collection for the well-known and popular brands for: Reserved, Tatuum, Telimena, Ozone, Segest Italy, Dominka, DMNK and Fido.

Creation of these unique and short collections is accompanied by passion and love for beauty - also the hidden one that is invisible to the eye. Miss Dot collections are known for combining the feminine style with functionality and freedom of movement. The designs have characteristic sophisticated details, refined colors and precision with finishing touch.